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1. Increased productivity: With the help of software, businesses and individuals can automate many tasks, making them more productive and efficient. 2. Improved communication: Software tools such as messaging and video conferencing apps have revolutionized how we communicate and collaborate with others, both within and outside our organizations. 3. Enhanced decision-making: Software can analyze vast […]

Chief Security Officer at BeyondTrust, overseeing the company’s security and governance for corporate and cloud-based solutions. The year 2000 was a technology challenge for every company and software vendor. Software produced prior to the year 2000 typically only stored the year as a two-digit value to preserve memory. When a program stored a value of […]

No man is an island. And the IT department shouldn’t be one, either. Despite their mission, which often talks about driving corporatewide innovation and digital transformation, chief information officers, as heads of these departments, are frequently reduced to running a metaphorical island. Just look at any organization’s structure, and you are very likely to see […]

Trouwe IT’ers die het afgelopen jaar in dienst bleven bij hun werkgever werden hier niet voor beloond. Hun salaris steeg slechts 2,3 procent. Dit blijkt uit salarisonderzoek dat Berenschot en AG Connect, in samenwerking met de KNVI, lieten uitvoeren onder 2.688 IT’ers. Een hoger salaris blijkt ook een belangrijke reden te zijn om een andere […]

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